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Armor Concepts Effective and practical home security solutions.

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Ensure the safety of your loved ones, home or investment property with the Door Armor MAX Door Security Combo Set.

This security solution can prevent single entry door kick-ins and stop intruders before they are inside. Equip your home and commercial property with the most effective security solution possible: one that stops break-ins from occurring. This 5-piece, powder-coated, 18-gauge galvanized steel set is a new design that is even stronger and easier to install.

(Formally EZ Armor) Easy door security that reinforces the jamb locks and hinges; any part left unprotected will break when kicked
Can be installed in about 30 minutes with minimal do-it-yourself skills; pieces can be installed without removing trim or cutting nails
Will fit jambs of any thickness and locks with any backset; also repairs existing kick-in damage
The perfect combination of ease and functionality; simply the easiest, quickest and most economical way to repair a broken door jamb and prevent doors from being kicked in
Extremely attractive and aesthetically pleasing - white to match doors, hardware and door jambs

Set includes: (1) 48" jamb shield (precut holes to fit locks that are spaced from 4" to 21" apart). (2) Door Hinge shields, (2) mini door shields, (17) 3-1/2" screws, (4) 2-1/2" screws, plus instructions. The jamb shield and hinge shield are L-shaped that attach to the face of the door jamb and can be applied without removing the door or trim. The mini door shields are effective in helping prevent the door from splitting but do not require the removal of the locks for installation. - Gauge: 18 ga, Material: Galvanized Steel, # Door Shields: 2'' L. Available in three colors to match your needs: Aged Bronze, Satin Nickel and White.

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